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Visit the beautiful beaches of Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda form a tiny nation with a population approaching 80,000. The Island is located in the northern part of the eastern Caribbean and is one of the Leeward Islands. The Island descended largely from African slaves and a mix of Europeans. This former British Colony is a popular tourist destination and is accessible on direct flight from the UK. Visitors flock to enjoy the stretches of beach and miles of excellent hikes on Antigua, the protected nature reserve of Redonda, the exclusive resorts and superb bird sanctuary on Barbuda, and world-class snorkelling and scuba diving among wrecks along the nation's coral reefs. The warm winds that Nelson relied on to bring his ships safely into harbour now contribute to one of the world's biggest maritime events, Sailing Week.

The nation's largest city is the popular cruise destination of St John's, situated on Antigua. With a strong maritime history, the city is filled with related attractions and also offers visitors a chance to shop, dine and unwind. Codrington (named after sugar plantation Christopher Codrington) is Barbuda's main city and acts as a base for explorations of the many coastal shipwrecks, as well as the island's frigate bird population. Ultimately, however, visitors to this island nation come to enjoy the expanse of impressive, sandy and secluded beaches and the unique atmosphere of the Eastern Caribbean.