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Newmont Customer Testimonials

Love new not always use them great customer service staff always ready to help and very patient , just love you guys I give full 100% on everything .. Keep up the good work guys .. All my years of travel it's through new one . I enjoy speaking with staff more .. But still easier to book here anyway first time booking online .. Natalie
MISS Natalie F ,01/Sep/15 13:19 SE2, LONDON
Quick and simple, was able to book my flights before an advisor was able to answer my call with only one person in front of me in line.
MISS Nathania G ,29/Aug/15 10:54 E8 , LONDON
I have used Newmont travel numerous times and find the online booking very easy and straightforward to use.
MS Paula G ,28/Aug/15 12:33 LU2, LUTON
MR James S ,07/Feb/15 17:43 RG3, READING
MRS Lucille M ,13/Jan/15 11:02 RM1, ESSEX
As per usual the service has been second to none!!!! As I type this message I have a big smile on my face because I'm going to Saint Lucia for the 2015 Jazz Fest (life spare) Yayyyyy Baby!!!!

Newmont You're The Greatest!!!!!

MISS Juliette V ,08/Jul/14 20:36 W2 , LONDON
It was ok easy to read and understant
MRS Airolyn H ,21/Jan/14 12:49 B18, BIRMINGHAM
Good easy to follow booking system
MR Chris H ,18/Jan/14 14:07 SM1, SURREY


MRS Lynda M ,16/Jan/14 20:00 CV2, COVENTRY
It is a very clear website and there are no ambiguities when it comes to carrying you through the process.
I have used Newmont Travel previously and have been very happy with yours ervice.

MRS Lawrie S ,16/Jan/14 08:59 HP4, BETRKHAMSTED
Excellent. Simple and straightforward.
MISS Brenda H ,15/Jan/14 00:35 N17, LONDON
Experience was fine. Simple, easy to use website and booking process.
MR Samuel M ,14/Jan/14 21:06 SW1, LONDON
Very good website, good prices and easy to book
MISS Helen S ,21/Oct/13 15:19 NG1, NOTTINGHAM
Very Good!
MR John M ,21/Oct/13 14:38 NR3, BECCLES
Simple and straight forward
MR Henderson M ,21/Oct/13 11:20 SE2, LONDON
Booking tickets online was straightforward - an easy to use booking system.
MS Maureen N ,21/Oct/13 07:16 RM6, ESSEX
I tried booking before but it would not let me go any further than the card detail page. Other than that I have never have a problem in the past.
MISS Angelia E ,20/Oct/13 22:37 CV6, WEST MIDLANDS
Very easy to use.
MRS Deborah P ,20/Oct/13 21:36 SW1, LONDON
Very easy to use - thank you
MISS Janet W ,20/Oct/13 15:43 RM6, CHADWELL HEATH
Very easy to use
MR Coleridge T ,20/Oct/13 15:22 EN5, BARNET
Very easy and straight forward
MRS Margaret P ,20/Oct/13 15:03 CV1, NUNEATON
Excellent syatem
MR Harold S ,20/Oct/13 13:25 SN8, MARLBOROUGH
As usual, smooth as silk.
MR Daniel P ,18/Oct/13 19:26 IG1, LOUGHTON
MR Collin V ,18/Oct/13 16:06 SP9, WILTS
straight forward for a novice like me!
MR Stephen C ,17/Oct/13 20:18 OX4, OXFORD
Very good I like that u can see all the different date combinations and prices
MS Christine J ,17/Oct/13 19:37 SE6, LONDON
Convenient,quick and easy. Also a bonus that you can secure your flight with a minimum payment.
Brilliant service Newmont!

MR Jeffers J ,02/Jul/12 20:45 IG1, ESSEX
very good clear instructions, covering possible errors, user friendly, i need it!
MISS Sally S ,02/Jul/12 20:06 B45, WEST MIDLANDS
Breaking down of flight costs are clear.Booking instruction are concise and user friendly. Would definitely use again!
MISS Linda B ,30/Jun/12 23:40 M16, MANCHESTER
Very straight forward and easy to use. I also like the prompts that pop up to make sure you have entered the correct details. Very professional
MRS Rea H ,30/Jun/12 20:25 LE4, LEICESTER
Easy to use & very fast! 10 out of 10
MISS Maxine P ,29/Jun/12 23:48 BR1, KENT
it was a easy n it was my first time booking a my own flight thnk u :)
MR Martin H ,28/Jun/12 17:22 PO1, CHICHESTER
very easy to follow instructions. cannot see how it can be improve.
MRS Rosemary P ,31/Jan/08 15:24 CM9, ESSEX
Simple and straightforward as, over the years, I have come to expect from Newmont Travel
MR Thomas C ,22/Jan/08 14:50 BT2, BANGOR. N.IRE
i was recommended to you by a friend and i have found your booking process quick and easy
MR Sean R ,22/Jan/08 14:38 N10, LONDON
Very Very good - one of the easy type that you don't find a lot on the web
MR Norman O ,22/Jan/08 08:14 UB5, MIDDLESEX
The booking proces was very straight forward and simple. The prices were quoted within good time and it was easy to see what was being included within the price that was quoted.
MR Darren H ,20/Jan/08 15:34 SE2, LONDON
easy to use good rates although i think its unfair that you have to make a booking first before you see the virgin member price
MR Lawrence S ,14/Jan/08 19:29 N18, LONDON
Very quick and easy to use. Everytime I have travelled using Newmont over the past two or three years I have used this system to book my flights and had no problems.
MISS Janette M ,13/Jan/08 00:46 B71, WEST MIDLANDS
lovely especiall the price
MRS Dina G ,09/Jan/08 21:12 IG6, ILFORD
It was good. Before I was trying on British Airways and they kept telling me the dates were unavailable but didn't help me find available dates. Fortunately, I remembered Newmont and saved myself about £100.
MRS Esther B ,09/Jan/08 00:12 N10, LONDON
much easier than i thought. Information clear and well set out.
MRS Kamella Louise E ,30/Dec/07 21:33 NW1, LONDON
MRS Veron R ,04/Dec/07 10:52 E10, LONDON
Quick good recommendable reliable
Will definetly recommend to others
am a returning customer

MR Joseph C ,23/Nov/07 14:07 SE1, LONDON
The system was easy to use and everything was quick in processing. it was a delight to use this company
MISS Emily B ,11/Nov/07 17:52 N22, LONDON
No problems. Pleased with fare savings rather than booking direct with airline.
MR Brian O ,09/Nov/07 19:35 WS7, BURNTWOOD
uncomplicated, discounted flights, wish i had used this company before.
MR David A ,09/Nov/07 08:51 RG7, READING
Enjoyable and uncomplicated ! Thank you
MS Georgina R ,22/Oct/07 11:52 SG1, HERTS
I have used the Newmont website on many occasions to book flights to the Caribbean. Prices are excellent, better than the airline websites, and being able to book on line is so handy. Will continue to use Newmont for our West Indies holidays.
MISS Gail M ,21/Oct/07 18:35 TA4, TAUNTON
Very clear and easy to use website with excellent prices. I was recommended to you and not disappointed, thank you.
MRS Zoe H ,21/Oct/07 18:02 CR2, CROYDON
Very straight forward - no problems at all
MS Gail W ,04/Oct/07 11:57 DA7, BEXLEYHEATH
Once again I am very happy with the service I have received from Newmont Travel.
MISS Carol B ,28/Sep/07 12:27 E12, LONDON
very quick and easy less than 5 mins
MISS Karla A ,26/Sep/07 19:10 HA0, WEMBLEY
MISS Dawn N ,18/Sep/07 16:30 W13, LONDON
quite straightforward, love the drop down reminders for you to check the accuracy of the information that is given.
Thank you!

MISS Elona L ,15/Sep/07 18:24 CR7, SURREY
Very Straight forward and simple.Hvae used newmont in the past and very pleased so far
DR Tara B ,26/Aug/07 10:48 SE2, LONDON
I liked using this website. I found it especially useful to see flights for alternative dates.In all very good and very user friendly.
MISS Beena P ,25/Aug/07 10:26 KT1, CHERTSEY
The information was very fast, accurate and the price was very competitive.
MRS Janet F ,24/Aug/07 15:55 OX4, OXFORD
I found it very easy to use and the reminders were quite useful
MR George F ,22/Aug/07 11:59 RG3, READING
very efficient and excellent that the booking information was available at any time.
MR Mario M ,22/Aug/07 11:44 GU3, HAMPSHIRE
Very easy booking system to use - ideal user friendly site!
MISS Paulette J ,20/Aug/07 20:18 E13, LONDON
I live in hope of,one day,meeting that great man... Mr Newmont.
Good value
Good service.
Good Bye.

MRS Elizabeth D ,30/Jun/07 14:50 KA3, KILMARNOCK