Maximum advance booking 11 months and 2 weeks...
We are restricted by the Airline booking systems to 11 months and 2 weeks in advance of todays date.  Our booking engine can only quote fares and hold seats for return journeys. 
This means that we can only quote and book up to 11 months and 2 weeks of the return date.
If you call our telesales number shown above we can hold outbound dates and then returns when they come into system range.

Members Only fares!
As you are aware Newmont's Caribbean fares are the cheapest you will find. Only Newmont Travel have the best prices with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways to their Caribbean Destinations and as such we may only sell them on the web to Newmont Travel members. To become a member you must have made at least one prior booking with Newmont Travel. Those passengers who have supplied us with e-mail addresses have been e-mailed the Newmont members password. If you have not received it please call 020 8920 1155. If you have not booked with us before you can still get our cheapest Virgin Caribbean fares by calling 020 8920 1155 and become a member.

New USA Travel authorisation required

Travel Authorisation to the United States

From 12 January 2009, if you are travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme, you must have Travel Authorisation. You can receive Travel Authorisation by completing the online form.

The application process may take up to 15-20 minutes and authorisation is normally granted immediately, but may take up to 72 hours.

We recommend that you apply for authorisation at the time of booking or at least 72 hours before your flight, to ensure that you are able to travel. Those making late bookings can still apply, but there is a risk that they may not receive immediate confirmation.

Travel Authorisation will become compulsory in January 2009, but you can now apply voluntarily. It is recommended that you do so to familiarise yourself with the new system.

Once granted, Travel Authorisation is valid for multiple entries to the US for two years, unless any answers to the YES/NO questions on the form change or a new passport is required.

You are also required to provide Advance Passenger Information to the US government each time you travel to the US.

If you have a resident permit 'green card', or are travelling on a visa, you will not need to apply for authorisation as you are not travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme.


Please remember that all our fares shown are inclusive of Airline, Airport and Government taxes!!
We at Newmont believe that the price you see is the price you pay. There is no point advising you the Airline fare without also telling you what the taxes and fees add up to. You have to pay them anyway so why try and suggest the price is cheaper. If you want to see a breakdown of the fare just click on the price quoted .