Welcome to Newmonts Affiliate Programme!!!

You can now make money by simply adding a link to Newmont on your website. We are currently placing links to Newmont Travels online booking site (www.newmont.co.uk) on various well known Caribbean websites.

Read on to have your questions answered.

If you have any questions that are not dealt with below then please feel free to email us: affiliates@newmont.co.uk

Who can become a Newmont Affiliate?

For this program to be mutually beneficial to all parities there are certain criterion that need to be met. Your Website must be: Caribbean oriented, Well Subscribed & Be of sufficient interest to attract clients..

How Does It all Work?

Once you have been accepted as a Newmont Affiliate, depending on the option you choose, you'll either receive an HTML link that you can use on your web page. or you'll receive a configurable 'flight selector' box so that your customers can check flight prices within your site. When a customer clicks on your link, whether it is a text or picture link, you will be forwarded to the Newmont website. If this customer has come from your link, whether it was in an email, on a forum or on a web page, this will be logged. Obviously the more prominent that the link is on your page the more likely it is that your visitors will click on it and the better the chance that you will get a commission. Each time a customer that has come from one of your links visits Newmont and makes a purchase you will get a commission.

How are sales tracked?

When someone clicks on your link to the Newmont website a cookie is placed on their machine and this tells us (Newmont) where the visitor came from. This process happens very quickly and will not detract in any way from the visitors browsing experience.
The user is then tracked until they make a booking. When a booking is made and paid for the sale is logged to your affiliates account and a commission becomes payable to you.
You can easily monitor the number of sales generated from your website and the value of commission that you have accrued via the Affiliate programs online control panel to which you are given free access as soon as you become a Newmont Affiliate.
If a user just browses the Newmont site and returns to the site some weeks later you will still be credited with the sale as the visitor will still be carrying the cookie.

Can I check how many sales I've generated?

You can monitor the number of sales generated from your website and the value of commission that you have accrued via the Affiliate programs online control panel to which you are given free access as soon as you become a Newmont Affiliate.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid on a per-booking basis. Commission is only paid after the client has flown. You will get paid every month by cheque in pounds sterling.

What commission rate will I get?

The commission rates vary from Affiliate to Affiliate depending on how much business they can generate. The more confirmed bookings you send us the more we will pay. The average commission rate is 5.00 for what's known as a published fare, and 10.00 for a consolidated fare.

How quickly can I start Getting Paid?

This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme. Commision is only paid when the client has flown. It may take some time for the commissions to start rolling in because clients may book 4, 5 or even 6 months in advance.

Do I still get paid if the customer just looks but does not book?

No, but if the customer browses and does not book there and then, but comes back later to book you will be credited with the sale and get your commission.

A cookie is placed on the customer's computer and if the customer returns (provided they use the same computer and have not flushed their cookies) and makes a purchase this will still be registered as your customer as you first introduced them to us.

What promotional methods can I use?

It is up to you as the Affiliate to find ways to promote yourself as a Newmont Affiliate. You might want to mailshot your customers advising them that they can book their flights via your site. You might want to offer something in return to your customers that will make it worthwhile for them to book via your site. The more effort you put into promoting yourself as an Affiliate the more sales you will generate.

Can I use any promotional method I choose?


Please do not use spam to try and attract sales, this has a detrimental effect on both Newmont and the affiliate. We do not like spam and any affiliate who is found to have generated sales by using unsolicited e-mail campaigns will not receive commission and will have their account terminated without notice. We also reserve the right to refuse commission pay out and terminate the account of any individual or company who we deem to have generated sales by using illegal, disreputable or brand compromising means (such as misleading search engine keyword cloaking).

How do I sign up?

Contact us at: